Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 23 & 24 Captivating

 In a couple of posts ago , I talked about howI was looking back and am questioning why I have the motivation now but could not seem to muster it up before.What I found was that it was a journey. I do see it as layers being pulled back and dealt with. Someday I am going to read that book by Sandi Patty; Layers. I am sure it would be quite insightful. One of the layers that had to and most likely still is being pulled away is knowing who I am in Christ and enjoying that person. Afterall, I was created in the image of God to be a daughter of the King. And for crying out loud can you even wrap your brain around the fact that God the creator of the universe, the sunsets,the stars, the mountains, the waves of the ocean, the sound of those waves..... ** Sigh** ..( my very favorite sound), the flowers and on and on ; that He also created you and me. We are His workmanship, His masterpiece. We are the where He longs for His spirit to live.the home of His temple. Geez, when I park my brain on that one for a while I am blown away!!!!! And how can it not lead to worship???? One of the tools God used to help lead to this ridding of this layer ;the layer that does not believe all of this, was  the book Captivating Unveiling The Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Staci Eldredge.  Just writing this makes me want to go read it again.
Sunday Day 23 ~ Breakfast~South Beach Bar ,coffee Lunch ~ 6 inch Sub at Subway and a bag of baked barbecue chips Supper ~ Shared medium fries w/ a friend at McDonalds while we worked on Science lesson plans. Peanut butter spoon
Walked 30 minutes on treadmill
Monday Day 24 ~ Breakfast ~  South Beach Bar, coffee and some handfuls of Life
Lunch~ Leftover chicken from Damons and rest of baked potatoe
Dinner ~Progresso Soup and tortilla chips and a Sugar cookie.
Snack ~ Peanut butter spoons
Went for a walk not sure how long.


If any of you reading are guys  you may want to stop now because you will now find some girl talk!!! 

 I have been struggling so much lately w/ craving sweets. And I am sure I have picked on some sweet things more thatn I have been writing. Not because I am lying but because I truly cannot remember. I am finding that the time between ovulation and when I actually get a visit from Aunt Flo ( sorry!! ) I want sweets in the worst way and the last thing I really want to do is excercise. Boy, can those couple of weeks really ruin all of the work you put in before hand !!!!! So I have got to get myself some sort of  plan for next month. If you have anything that you could share that could help , please let me know!!!!! One of my friends said that Vitamin B ( I think ) curbs those cravings. I plan on researching  on this. I will let you know what I find.


Valley Girl said...

Sounds like some good reads!! I loved The Shack...glad I dove in and did that book!
You're the greatest friend!!

Thank YOU!!

jjely said...

No, you're the greatest friend!!!
;0) I think you would love this book especially if you want to feel girly!!!