Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 21 & 22 Woo Hoo!! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!!

 Tonight the teens of our church volunteered to watch the children of our church  so that we,the parents, could have a date night! What a blessing!!! Now you get the Woo Hoo. It was so nice to be out and be able to talk w/ no interruptions and just relax. One of the teens watched our chillins a little earlier so I could get to The National Running Center before they closed. I am so excited to finally have been able to get new running shoes.  Mine were not doing so hot!! Thankyou Efree youth!! I love you!!!
I am so silly , I know. I just love my camera and documenting moments and going to the Running Center is a big one for me!! I cannot wait until I actually look like and feel like  I belong there. LOL While I was there there were alot of serious runners in there.It was a hoppin place.
Afterwards ,we met up with some friends and went to Damons and then we had more time left so we hung out at Krispy Kreme and had coffee. And because Beth Moore says I cannot lie this week I must tell you that yes ,donuts were involved. I am so bummed because I have more pics I want to add but I have been having an awful time uploading. I recently had a tempory Lightroom but now it is expired and so the computer is having a hard time going back to the other way of uploading. **SIGH** Running out of patience and time. So tired!!!
This weekend has been rough with a party Friday Night and then going out tonight. Hopefully I can remember the menus. It has been crazy and full of excitement here. I cannot wait to share why. Hopefully tomorrow you will hear about  a wonderful new journey I am going on.
Friday Day 21 Breakfast ~ South Beach Bar,  coffee
Lunch ~ Progresso Soup & tortilla chips sugar cookie
Dinner~ 1/2 of slice of pizza 2 wings a bit of caramel corn and 3 slices of yummy apple and 1 sugar cookie
I ran/walked 2.65 miles on treadmill. This was done again at 10:00 at night. Thank you , Thank you for the accountability. It was actually kind of nice;everyone was asleep so it was quiet and I got to watch whatever I wanted. :0)
Sat. Day 22 Breakfast ~ South Beach Bar, coffee
Lunch ~ Boca Burger on light multigrain english Muffin w/ ketchup and 1 slice of cheese
Dinner~ Salad,2 slices of Quesadilla,carrots ,chicken,1/4 of a baked potatoe
Dessert ~ coffee and about 4 bites of donut
I ran/walked 3.25 miles on treadmill

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