Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 24 & 25 Ready to Soar!!

For many reasons I am thinking about my first flight. It was just this past Fall. we flew to florida to get on our cruise ship to go on our very first cruise. I had vowed that I would never get on a an airplane and then it happened ....... we won a cruise. My hubby really wanted to go so unless I let him take someone else I had no other choice. So I did it . I got on that plane. I was so very scared and I cried from the time I got to the airport until this is what I saw outside of my window. ( So glad what I saw wasn't from an episode from that show...STINK!! I can't remeber the name of it....old show that was weird and creepy..... that I snuck and watched when I was a kid) Actually, I was taken by surprise of how beautiful it was. At that moment I felt such peace and so in awe of my God!!! It was almost that same feeling I get when I stand next to the Ocean. ** Sigh** That feeling is like no other.I am deep in thoughts in many ways about this moment .   That feeling reminds me of those moments in our lives when we give it all to God and let go and just trust Him. Does anything feel as peaceful?? I do not believe so . Personally , there are some times taking fiirst place in my mind right now and I can do nothing but smile as I think of them. It does feel like you are floating  or soaring. Sorry if this is too warm and fuzzy but it is true. I had this feeling to an extent last night. I must say that I have not been real excited these days about this whole excercise thing and to be very honest w/ out this committment to blogland to excercise every day I would be sitting on the couch watching TV. I was able to get new running shoes this past weekend and so Day 24 I decided to up the level on my treadmill. I ran 30+ minutes and then had to get off to go to a Basketball Game. Yesterday Day 25 I did 50 minutes on the raised level w/ blisters to prove it. Last night I went to my Biggest Loser Club. I missed Monday so I had to go and weigh in. It was snowing so hard and I was so tempted to stay home. I did not and even stayed and let Jillian Michaels kick my butt with blisters and all. It was a rough workout for me  but I did it. I felt such peace afterwards knowing that I chose to move instead of not and that I did not let the snow,my fear of driving in the snow,or my blisters stop me. I know that that feeling was so much better than the feeling I would have felt if I had stayed home,sat on the couch and watched TV. 
Day 24 ~ Breakfast : South Beach bar, coffee
Lunch ~ Progresso soup and Tortillas
Supper ~South Beach Bar
and snacked on handfuls of cereal
Day 25 ~ Breakfast ~ South Beach bar, coffee
Lunch ~ South west salad
Dinner ~ Stirfry and an eggroll 2 sugar cookies and Hot cocoa
I have got to start keeping WW points !!!!


Mark and Wendy said...

Thanks for the reminder on WW points!
I am totally discouraged...this week, I finally worked up to working out 30 min, and for three days in a row, did almost 2 1/2 miles on the Nordic Track. No snacking. No sneaking handfuls of frozen chocolate chips.
And for my weekly weigh in? Two pounds MORE than last week, and not a single 1/4 inch of fat gone anywhere. *sigh*
Okay-sorry! We've never even met and you certainly didn't ask me for my progress, I'll stop now! :)

jjely said...

I feel like I already know you wendy!!! :0) So please share!!! Don't get discouraged!! That is how it went with me to start. It will come off. Mine ... still slowly but after a couple of weeks of big changes my body finally figured out what I was doing and decided to follow along!!! And seriously don't let that scale be the boss. Being healthy is what really matters. And that all sounds good to me except for that stupid scale. So burn it!!!!! LOL

Mark and Wendy said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jen!
You know, one of my main motivations for getting in shape is to be ready for our trip to Africa to pick up our baby...not wanting huffing and puffing through the airports with arms ready to fall off from bagsand baby stuff dangling. And now, you too will be physically prepared for your trip this summer. Ahh, the rewards of obeying without knowing the "why" behind it! :)