Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 16 & 17 ( I can't believe I am writing that!!!! Part 1)

I am wanting to make cookies with the kids for Valentines Day but am feeling like I would be entering Danger Zone. Boy I could go for a yummy cookie to dip in my coffee about now. :0)How about 4 or 5.lol
Wow !!! I can't believe that it has been 17 days and I have excercised on all 17 of them. Oh wait  I did miss one that's right. But still 16  out of 17 still feels pretty good!! And I have to say , " If I can do it , anyone can."  Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear others say that so I am sorry . But that is truly how I feel. I had every excuse in the book why it was so hard for me to excercise. I know now that they were all lies. Lies that I truly believed. The bottom line for me  is this : It is definetely the will of God to be healthy and in good shape so therefore, He will give me what I need to accomplish that. The key is that I need to obey and let Him help me. I could do none of it w/ out His strength.  I don't know why I could not get motivated  until now. I know He was always there ready to help. I have been thinking about that because I have had plenty of things over the years that should have motivated me.. A cruise, a reunion,weddings, my love for swimming,fit into clothes or how about the time someone in the grocery store asked me if I was preggo, or oh yeah  the time a grandmother told the kids that they were beautiful but their mother was fat, and let's not forget every year on the 4th of July when every single person from your past who knew you back in the day is up on the Green in town. LOL Boy , I am feeling a little vulnerable right now and like maybe I am being too real!!!   Well, to be honest , some of those times just made me very depressed and you know how motivated you are when you are depressed. And I think alot of the other times just led to stress because I did not believe that I could do it. And unfortunely when I am stressed sometimes I eat. because that certainly will solve everything. LOL   I think at times I forget that one of my favorite sayings  is WHY WORRY WHEN YOU CAN PRAY and not  WHY PRAY WHEN YOU CAN EAT or get on Facebook.   Boy I think it is time for me to shutup before I divulge all of my weaknesses. And now I have said a bad word. I love that my kids get all upset when someone says that "bad word."  : 0)  Anywho, I have been thinking about and wondering why all of the sudden I feel motivated and am actually doing something about it.Here are my thoughts: Actually  this is turning into a very long post so I will share my thoughts next time. I have to get out of Blogland and into Get ready for the day land.
Sunday Day 16
2 peanutbutter spoons and coffee and a couple of handfuls of Quaker Oat Squares
Spagetti w/ sauce
 South Beach Peanutbutter bar and Superbowl snackings: 1 wing ,crackers and Mildreds Marvelous Mustard Dip, a spoonful of sloppy joe w/out a roll , Tortilla chips and Marys Marvelous Mexican Dip, a rootbeer float w/ diet rootbeer and fat free frozen yogurt
I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill
Monday Day 17
Peanutbutter spoon and 1/2 C QOsquares and coffee
Progresso Soup w/ some tortilla chips
2 peanut butter SB bars 1/4 C smoothie and Angel Food cake ( I was starving when I got home from The Biggest Loser Club and working out)
I must confess that I snacked a bit here and there on Mildreds Mustard Dip and crackers throughout the day. It is all Livys fault. She asked to bring leftovers home. lol This stuff ought to be illegal !!!!! Livy forgets all about manners in its presence. :0\
I ran a little bit more than 4 miles today ( trying to give myself a Last Chance Workout. I screamed " This is your last chance" while doing it . LOL) and then did a crazy kick buttin excercise Dvd w/ all of my Loser friends after weigh in.

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