Saturday, February 6, 2010

Journey to 40 and Sporty Days 14 & 15

Couldn't resist!! Was going through my pics trying to find one for today because as you know my posts just feel naked w/out a shot!! I saw this and knew it was the one! Why ?? Well, number one I saw Barbie and became somewhat angry. I just got back from Red Lobster. Had a wonderful time w/ my Hubby and my Daddy celebrating our birthdays. We decided that this is really a great tradition. The last time we were at Red Lobster was last year for our birthdays. But I think we should celebrate our 1/2 birthdays as well!! LOL  I really think I did pretty well tonight w/ my menu but still enjoying my favorite restaurant.I had grilled shrimp,lobster and crab leggs. Ok ,yes I must admit I had one of those sinful bisquits w/ my salad. Oh yeah, and 2 stuffed mushrooms. Maybe it wasn't so great but  let me tell you I wanted to have another bisquit but didn't and another mushroom and didn't. Which ,I must confess makes me a little angry because I have to work so hard at this and then there's ..... BARBIE!!!! Good thing Livy got rid of hers because if not I think I would  grab one and rip it's leg off. LOL Seriously, I had V8 juice for breakfast and a South Beach Bar for lunch and drank lotts of water all in preparation for my big birthday dinner. Oh and to top it off I watched Dad and hubby eat dessert. Dad had the volcanoe giant chocolate chip cookie w/ ice cream and Guy David had the Apple caramel pie w/ ice cream. I took a couple of tiny bites of each. I mean tiny! I also ran this morning for 2.65 miles.   I thought of getting back on the treadmill tonight but I am not. I am soooo tired!!  My frustration is this..... even with my best efforts of trying to be as good as possible, that one meal might just have ruined all of my efforts for the whole week. Then , there is BARBIE!!! Let's just say I wish I was one of those girls who can eat whatever they want and look like they are related to ......... BARBIE!!!!! So ,now for the second reason I chose this shot..... because my brother makes me laugh !!!!!  I love to laugh!!!! Isn't he a dork????
Yesterday, I also ran 2.65 miles. for breakfast I had scrambled eggs w/ 1 egg w/ 2 small yolks and 1 egg white and a littel bit of 1 % milk. For lunch I had progresso light soup w/ a couple of tortilla chips. For dinnerI had rotisserie chicken. We had small group last night so I planned ahead and got Angel Food cake to go along w/ the other snack being brought knowing that Angel Food cake would be a better choice. I rehearsed it all in my head ;how I would avoid the brownies or cookies or cake and choose Angels food. LOL Well , I was not prepared at all for what happened!!!!!!! Not at all!!!!!! My friend showed up with one of my very favorite things of all time. Something I stayed away from at Guy David's party but have dreamed about ever since. AWWWWW!!! It was ... Are you ready for this??........ HOMEMADE, FRESH OUT THE OVEN, CINNAMON BUNS!!!!!!!!! WHAT , you've got to be kidding!!!!!! I thought I was going to have a panic attack. LOL So ,here is what I did... I had a wee small piece of the food for angels and then I took a walk over to the dark side ( hehee) and I had a sliver of a stinkin' cinnamon roll making sure to get part of the middle. (((SIGH))) I hope the scale is good to me because I really do want to be the Biggest Loser and spend a day at the spa in the worst way!!!!! Would it be wrong to ask you to pray for me on this after my walk over to the dark side??? LOL

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Rose Family Editor said...

Here's to praying you'll be the biggest loser!!! The middle is THE BEST! It's okay to indulge every once in a while. :)