Friday, February 5, 2010

The Light of My Life

 I love this picture!!! I took this at the Bahamas when we went on our cruise. Look at that water!! **sigh**  Lighthouses are such a reminder to me of the way God gently leads me and that  if I take my eyes off of him I quickly get lost. This week has been such a reminder to me of how much I need his guidance. I know that w/out Him and His strength and His guidance that this week  I would have:
~ bought a bag of swedish fish and hid it from my children and ate the whole thing
~ ordered a Bacon Cheese Angus Burger at Mcy Ds instead of a salad
~ I would have NEVER excercised at 9 something at night
~ I would have stayed home from Taebo last night to clean but would have ended up on the computer or something like that
 ~ I would not being praying about an outing to Red Lobster I will be making on Sat and studying the menu and preparing to make healthy choices
I also know this......... Yesterday , I had a crappy day. Have you ever had one of those times when someone has done or said something that made you feel so small maybe even invisible?? Well, yesterday it happened to me. It certainly wasn't the first time but it never gets easier. At that moment I struggled with many things.  #1 I was tempted to say something sneakingly sarcastic to make a point
#2  To cry
#3 to be mad and make it known
#4 to eat cookies
# 5 to be bitter
Well, I decided to pray to myself ( well you know what i mean ~ to GOD of course but quietly to myself) at that moment and I was able to take my thoughts captive and I do not think anyone knew what I was feeling which is something that usually doesn't happen. I wear it all in my expression and body language etc. It is a curse alot of the times. Especially when I  know that what I am feeling is not Godly. I caught myself thinking.." I would never do that !!!" The Lord very gently reminded me of a time not too long ago when I said something w/ out thinking that could have been very offensive. But thankfully the person I said it to knew me well enough to know how I meant it and grace was given freely. He also reminded me of why I said it....... I was stressed and had alot on my mind.  So , I chose to give grace and was given  a longing to rid my frustrations on the treadmill and not with cookies.  Let me be real here and say that I did not actually get on the treadmill but the longing was there and later I chose to go to Tae bo.

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