Thursday, January 28, 2010

Journey to 40 and Sporty Day 6

 well, I am going to try and keep this as short as possible. I am preparing for Science tomorrow. I have been so excited about this lesson for awhile. We will be learning about the invention of the first photograph and how a camera works.  I have been reading the book my curriculum has me use over and over again for days ,trying to figure out how  I was going to explain this to the kids. A little stressed I must say, We were actually suppose to meet w/ our good friends the Ords today  but because of the snow we are meeting tomorrow. I am so glad  because finally tonight I found a neat project to do with them. They will make their own camera obscura.  I showed the lesson ( from the curriculum) to my husband  and asked him to read what they want us to read in this book and help me figure out a better way to explain. He read it and said " Is this book for kids?" I was so glad and wished that I had  not spent so much time reading this over and over  and just did my own thing. BLAH!!! So, now I am doing my own thing and actually having some fun. Hopefully they will have more fun since I was given an extra day and am going to KICK this book aside.

Today for breakfast I had ceral and 1% milk and coffee. For lunch Progresso soup and a handful of tortilla chips. For dinner Tacos. Still no points or staying focused on more proteins and veggies.  Geez, I just can't seem to get that going on.

I went to Tae bo tonight and had a good workout. Good night all . Sleep Tight.!!! BTW I am finding that since I have been exercising , I have more energy at night and I am sleeping better. :)


Valley Girl said...

I am EVER so proud of YOU!!

Mark and Wendy said...

Awesome, Jen! I'm totally with you on the "sleeping better" deal since I've started exercising again. Of course, ignoring the alarm clock set to go off for milking time may not be better... :D
Thanks for inspiring me!