Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Journey to 40 and Sporty Day 5

Just got home from my Biggest Loser Challenge and picking the kids up from clubs a bit ago. On Monday we were put together w/ partners and tonight was our first challenge w/ our partner. We had to complete 2 miles around the track and only one of us could be on the track at a time. The first 4 teams to cross the finish line would win immunity. I am so excited to share that my partner, Amy  and I  were the 4th team to cross over that line. WOOO HOOOO!!! Now I am going to go make brownies. HAHA JUST KIDDING!!!!! LOL Now, I have to say  that  my partner was a huge reason why that happened ! I played a part but it was definetely a smaller one. Man! what a difference running outside in the cold compared to in my warm house on the treadmill.Thoughts of  the old days of hyperventilating during my Field Hockey games were taking up space in my head. But I rebuked them and prayed and slowed my pace for a bit, prayed some more and then pushed hard to the end. All done w/ out hyperventilating or dying like I thought I was going to at one point. Amy made it around that track way before I caught my breath. LOL My DH is snoring on the couch and so I am bummed I have noone to share my excitement with . So, here I am. WOOO HOOO!!!!! What would I do w/ out all of you in Blogland??? He should be snoring  on the couch. He got up at 4 this morning.

Well, I feel like I am doing well with making sure I get my excercise in but I think I need to take the food issue up a level. When I weighed in today , I stayed the same since last week. Which i think I should be happy about w/ that whole " cake for breakfast" thing. This morning my friend ,Val, stopped in for coffee. I knew she might be ,so I did what any good friend would do and I picked up a danish the night before. I know , I know. And she is the type of friend who would have welcomed a V8 with a joyful smile and a thankyou. LOL I was pretty good and only had 2 slivers but still... I know what I need to do and it is just time to do it. I like the exercise part better!! I wish danish or cake for breakfast made you feel as good as exercise did. Stink!!!  So, I had 2 slivers of danish and coffee for breakfast. Progresso soup for lunch which is 2 points for Weight Watchers and a handful of tortilla chips. For dinner another Southwest Salad.Hopefully tomorrow I can really get this food thing under control. Not an awful day  BUT I did not eat enough and needed more protein and Veggies and NO danish.

 Dear Lord . Thankyou for a body that can move and sweat. Thank you for my health and that I am not stuck  and that you have given me everything I need for life and Godliness. Thank you that it is your will for me to be healthy and that I can be sure that if I seek you for my strength I will be able to reach my goal. Thank you that you have not created me to be a  " Weak Willed Woman!!!!"

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Valley Girl said...

I would have prefered the V8*wink! Well because it starts with a V, it also has much more to offer me than nasty dirty danish.

Keep up the good work my friend...I however am a failure!