Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journey to 40 and Sporty Day 4

 This morning I ran a whole mile straight through w/ out walking. Woo Hooo!! This may have been the first time in my adult life. I usually do a weight loss program on my treadmill which has you walk a little and then it speeds up and then speeds back down  and so on. So after that  mile and  a little celebration dance , I got back on and did the WL program for another 30 minutes. So altogether,  this morning, I did 2 miles.  And you are not going to believe this but  tonight while Livy had dance I walked the school halls with my friend Tammie. I feel like doing a cheer. :) It really is true that once you start moving more it really is something you actually want to do and something you look forward to!! The key is to not stop  because once you stop  it is hard to start again. I have been on that roller coaster all too long!!

I did not keep points today like I wanted to  but here is what I ate today:
For breakfast I had scrambled eggs ( 1 egg and 1 egg white mixed with 2%) with 2 T red.fat cheese and 2 slices of Turkey bacon
For lunch I had Vegetarian Vegetable soup and I snuck 2 of the kids chicken nuggets ( Not  Micky Ds but baked)
For dinner I had a Southwestern Salad w/ grilled chicken from Micky Ds

Tomorrow is a challenge w/ my Biggest Loser Club. Together w/ my teammate we have to run 2 miles and the team that comes in first place gets immunity. I am hoping that running outside in the cold will not be alot harder than running inside on the treadmill. If not I actually think my team could have a shot!!  I am going to take a break from the treadmill tomorrow morning  and rest up my muscles for the big challenge. Instead when I get up at the wee hours I will burn some calories and clean like a mad woman. My house is a wreck!! Good night friends ! I am off to watch the Biggest Loser if I can get my DH  to give up the remote!

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