Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hangin out at Buttercup Valley

Over the Christmas  vacation, wew were invited to spend an afternoon with our good friends.. What a blessing it was. We were going to celebrate Madigans birthday  but my girlie friend Valley decieded  we would celebrate Christmas as well! She so went out of her way with her thoughtful and kind ways  to give us all such a wonderful time! And as you can see Jonah and Madigan were  thrilled to get to spend some time together. They are so stinking cute. Madigan was a sweet little hostess sharing all of her toys w/ Jonah.

Val made toasted cheese sandwhiches for lunch (not to mention all the other special goodies)!!. A big hit w/ my chillins. And of course their mama as well.mmmmm!! Do you ever outgrow lovin the Toasted Cheese??

I tried to get a shot of the 4 older chillins but I had some rebellious ones. That Quersti and Keith! Well, Quinnten was willing. Isn't he cute!!! :) Livy tried to pretend that she did not want her picture taken but we all know that she is a ham!!
 I wish I would have gotten a shot of their parrott ,Chelsea. She cracks me  up!!! At one point I went into the living room to see if my children were calling me. Nope! It was Chelsea. "Ma, Ma Ma" she calls. Val ended up putting her in the basement. I was a little dissappointed. LOL  
Such a fun place to be!! Madigan introduced us to Mac and Cheese her guinnea pigs.  My kids loved them but after Cheese peed on Quersti , they were not too sure if they wanted to hold them, LOL

Look at that face. Ooh I just love her! Yes the one below is cute too!! I think we will have to talk Daddy into some guinnea pigs. Hmmm... praying for the perfect time. LOL It isn't going to be easy.

What a refreshing time I had hangin out at Buttercup Valley. Just what I needed. Thanks Val! Your home is so warm and welcoming. You have told me about your DHs grandmother and how you feel when you go to her home. Well, that is exactly how I felt when I came to yours. I think it has more to do w/ the woman of the home more than the actual home. ; )

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Valley Girl said...

Nice pics of Buttercup Valley's home!! LOL Ugh the mess! The chillins look cute!

Guy David has no idea the fun he is missing on a pig or two...I have always disliked little rodents but I must confess I like these talking little girls!