Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jorney to 40 & Sporty Day 2

 Well, I must confess something to you all and it is not pretty and it is only Day 2. I made Guy Davids favorite cake ( and of course one of mine) yesterday. Chocolate cake w/ peanut butter icing. (( BIG SIGH))  This cake was suppose to be gone by the end of the party but it was not and we brought home just about the whole cake. With that said, a little bite w/ my coffee this moring turned into having a piece of cake for breakfast. It was a small piece not that that makes me feel any better but I had to make that known.  How did I fall so fast and hard?? I will tell you how and it has to do with some of what I have been learning. I was not prepared for battle and I did not have my armor on. I did not start my day in the word or in prayer. I have learned that on the days when that is the first thing that I do , I am able to focus and be strong and have a desire for things that are good for me.  Plain and simple.  So ,there you have it , for breakfast I had chocolate cake. For lunch I had Taco Salad lite on the cheese and taco meat. Then I took a long nap. My family went to a friends house to watch football and I sent all of the cake in the house w/ them and asked that they return w/ empty pans. Now I must excercise. And it is all thanks to you blogland that I am not going to snuggle up on the couch  but will be getting on that treadmill. Thank you Jesus for I know you will give me the strength!!! Even after a long nap , I am exhausted and so want to call it a day!!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you started this - it will be fun to stalk you! Maybe you will motivate me! Glad you had a good time on Sat - you should have had SOMEONE at the party who sang opera to YOU!!

Mark and Wendy said...

Jen, you're motivating me, too! I've gotten into a semi-routine of getting up at six to milk the goat, then while it's cooling in the ice water to hop on the Nordic Track! Did it every day last week, but Mark did the milking for me this morning as we didn't get home from a long day in Anchorage till midnight last night...but you sharing your journey is helping me to be accountable, today's excuse aside! :)