Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journey to 40 & Sporty Day 1

I am a little late with this. It doesn't feel like a great start  for my journey but I did have this blog in my head all day yesterday.  It was just a very busy day. My DH took me out to breakfast for my birthday. I was hesitant  because.... nothing like walking right into temptation by going out to breakfast. But look at this face, how could I tell him no. I took my camera and he gave the kids strict orders that they had to be nice to me  and let me take their pictures since it was my birthday. LOL He decided to be nice too and here he is taking advice that our niece , Eliza shared w/ us at Christmas time and he is smiling w/ his eyes. Too funny! Awe check out those hearts in the window. He still has mine. :)

The boys were so excited because not only were they allowed to have hot chocolate but J&Js had free refills. And of course Jonah was beside himself when our waitress asked if he wanted sprinkles.

Olivia is wishing she didn't have to be so nice to me.LOL

Jonah didn't waste any time drinking his hot cocoa and before you knew it , he had to make a potty run.

While Daddy took Jonah to the little boys room, Keith decided to take advantage of the situation. His mission ; to make a score by shooting the paper wrapper off of the napkin into Daddy's coffee. Mission not accomplished but he sure had fun trying.

The kids were so excited because daddy let them order whatever they wanted. There was no struggle of everyone trying to agree on something so they could share. We do not go out often so this was a big treat.

Check out these pancakes!! Bigger than his face. I think Keith ordered a number 3. LOL He had 2 plates of food and said he could eat all of it. The only struggle was how to get the syrup on the pancakes w/out it dripping off onto the table. I was proud of his problem solving skills. He cut out a whole in the middle and FILLED it w/ syrup.

Jonah was so good and oh so happy.  Scrambled eggs w/ cheese is his favorite. Well, actually at first he asked for toasted cheese.We finally talked him into breakfast.

Tough call for me . It was my birthday afterall and to order oatmeal ( which would have been a cinch to throw in the microwave at home) just did not seem right. My biggest downfall when going out for breakfast is hands down the homefries. I ordered a egg sandwhich on an English Muffin. I asked for no butter on the muffin and for the bacon on the side. I put one slice on the sandwhich and gave the other away. And once I saw that the homefries were not deep fried my husband generously gave me a couple of his. I thought I did pretty well.

 "Keith, are you getting full???", I ask. "No way!" he replies. And just moments later..............
Look at how much he could not eat.. And yes, his pants are unbuttoned in this shot. LOL

Just when Jonah doesn't think the day can get any better, the waaitress gives him a lollipop. I was blessed w/ a wonderful breakfast w/ my family and wonderful comments from the waitress that every Mama needs to hear every once in a while.
So this was the start to my journey to 40 & Sporty. When we got home my husband took me out for a long walk .. just the 2 of us and my camera. I feel loved !! I was able to fullfill day one and w/ the help of my man.

My committment is this :
1. I will blog every day or ok about every day  of my 365 day journey to a healthier more active me
2. I vow to excercise everyday for at least 30 minutes
3. I will keep a food journal and share everything I eat on my blog

I really am so excited. I am glad that I waited a couple of weeks to start the blogging part. I have learned alot over these weeks and I will share another time. Wish me luck and say some prayers for me, my friends!!

Oh, I almost forgot........... You saw what I ate for breakfast. For lunch I had chicken ,rice and veggies. For dinner I had Taco Salad  and some nibbles of some other things. Sorry, I cannot be specific. I had a surprise birthday party for my man. He turned 40 the week before and it was too busy to have a shindig last week. And hey , I do love a party so doing it on my b-day was a good choice. Though, I cannot be more specific, I was very proud of how well I did. And my friends daughter made cinnamom rolls for the party.I love you Emily!! Her cinnamon rolls are the next best thing since Cinnabon. And I don't think there is any goodie I love more.(( Sigh)) I had 2 little bites and that was it. I was praying my way through. I think I definetely burned off those 2 little bites while playing spoons. What a crazy bunch !! We had a blast and are so blessed!!

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