Monday, January 25, 2010


 Livy got to spend some time with one of her favorite people over Christmas vacation. Helena was Livy's first babysitter and her first piano teacher as well as just being her very good friend! So , Helena, is very special to me too!! : ) The boys love her as well  and of course she loves them.But Livy and Helena have a very special friendship and I am so grateful for that. I remember being a young girl and having a friend who was a teenager who took time to talk with me and do things with me . It made me feel so special! So, this just warms my heart!! Helena gave the kids a very fun Christmas gift, a Hershey Kiss Maker.Thank you Helena for everything!! We love you!! Getting back into the swing of things after Christmas break was not easy and to top it off  Jonah and Livy were sick. So, one day I gave in and ended our normal  school routine and we had Home Ec. It was time to make the Kisses oh and Hugs too. I think I can count it as a good school lesson for Livy  but not too sure about the boys. This Hershey Kiss Maker sure brought out their personalities. LOL

While Olivia read and learned how to use the machine ,got all of the ingredients and materials, and actually made the Hugs and Kisses, can you guess what the boys were doing????
No surprise!! And now that she has one made, here comes Jonah wanting to help. Hmmmmm?!? Or should I say Mmmmmmm!!

Ta dah!! It is finished!!  Follow up w/ some History and  you've got a good lesson. So, when was the Hershey Kiss invented and what is the story??  Why the shape?  What was the process in making them when they were first invented? I will do what any Homeschool Mom would do LOL; I will make them find out!!

by: Olivia and Keith
~The first KISS was made in 1907
~ Milton Hershey invented the Hershey KISS after he decided to switch from the caramel business to chocolate
~ The first KISS was made in Hershey , Pa where Milton Hershey built a chocolate factory and the KISS is still made today. There now is also a factory in Virginia.
~ Theory says that this candy got it's name due to the sound made when the machine drops the chocolate onto the conveyer belt
~ Hershey makes more than 80 million Kisses a day

I am thinking a follow up Field Trip sounds good!!!

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