Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrating at the Clayground

When he turned 40 , the kids and I were so excited that we came up w/ a wonderful gift for him. In high school he used to do pottery and loved it. He has missed it ever since. So we decided to get him a gift certificate at this wonderful place called the Clayground. It gave him 2 hours on the wheel and a huge bag of clay. We could not wait to give him this gift. We thought he would run right up there to use it. The gift was given  to him in 2010 and finally used it a year and 3 months later after we got notice that the Clay Ground would be closing. We were so sad to hear the news. So we decided to all go and make a time of it!! It was fun to watch him. It brought back memories. I couldn't help think of that scene from Ghost and hear that song. "Oh, my love...... my darling....... I've hungered for your touch..... a long lonely time....... and time goes by so slowly......... and time can do so much....... are you still mine? .....I need your love.......  I need your love................. Godspeed your love to me"

 He looked extra cute sitting at that wheel. Just sayin!

This time when I go to check on him, I let him know that I love what he has done so far and ask him about my fruit bowl. You see years ago he broke my lovely, beautiful fruit bowl and never replaced it . So, I was so excited that he now would be able to make me one. He replies," It has been 20 some years since I have thrown on the wheel." I did not understand. I mean how hard can it be to make a fruit bowl and hey, he still knows the lingo. He lets me know that my fruit bowl is sitting over on the table.

Here it is; my lovely, beautiful fruit bowl. I still thought he was pretty cute and reassured him that it was ok if I did not get my fruit bowl  . I felt bad that he already waisted so much time tryng to do that.  

While Daddy was working the wheel , the kids and I had some fun as well. We splurged some because it was the last day we could ever enjoy the Clayground. We were so sad to see it go. Not that we were great supporters. We were able to go 2 times before. Both times were extremely fun!!! I chose to paint a tea cup. I cannot wait to see it finished.

Unfortunately, I did not get a shot of Livy w/ her creation. Well, or should I say ,not one that she would probably ok for blogging material!! :0)

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