Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love Letter

The other day  we went to McDonalds to have lunch with my good friend Thelma ( I am Louise :0)) and her daughter Madigan. Maddie was scheduled for another surgery (go  here to learn all about Madigan's story) and we wanted to see her and give her some goodies. Jonah made her a card and when it was time to give it to her , he could not stop giggling.

                                         Here is the card he made for her. :0)

When Madigan figured out what the card said, she could not stop giggling either.


Colleen's country cooking said...

LOVE THIS! Love the pics everything! I love you too JJ <3

Abbey said...

This is priceless!

Valley Girl said...

Super duper sweet♥ Thanks for loving our girl JJ...she is one in a trillion! Can't wait to do another fun lunch....with much more time! Madigan is doing amazingly well this surgery...our lunch may be sooner than we thought! Thank you for the goodie bag...as you saw, she loved it!

Big hugs from our home to yours♥♥

Thelma(Valerie) + Madigan

Lisa McVaugh said...

Young Love!! So cute!! What true friends and the pics do say it all!