Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mommy's little piggy

..........for my son who can always make me laugh

See this face?????? Whether, I am overwhelmed that the house is a mess and I am barking out orders, struggling with getting Jonah to focus,just realized that it is 5pm and I have no clue what is for dinner,or my favorite....... I am  disciplining this one for picking on his brother or sister, all this one needs to do  is start making this face , snorting like a pig and laughing. Then, as much as I want to fight it my facial expression starts to change and I am laughing. I could be so frustrated with him but still I laugh. It doesn't take long and the whole house is laughing. He continues to laugh in his many crazy ways and we all laugh more and more. Before we finish we have tears running down our faces and our sides hurt. 

Here is where he found his inspiration. You gotta love A Christmas Story and a son who is a stinker but can make you laugh!!!! Have a fun day filled w/ laughter. If you have to ,surprise your family at dinner and start eating like this. That ought to liven your evening up. If you do , please video that moment and share it w/ me!!!!! I double dog dare you!!!!

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