Friday, May 27, 2011

One Day without Shoes

Our day w/out shoes consisted mainly in my home doing school. When my hubby got home, I tried to talk everyone into going to town and taking a walk in our bare feet. My hubby thought I was crazy .You see it was a very cold in our neck of the woods for April . We had rain,snow and sleet all in one day. He added in that we also had a meeting we had to be at in about an hour and a half. Sometimes he is just not crazy enough.But the good news is that I have a son who is and maybe another that will follow in his footsteps. :0) We really did not have enough time to make signs ( seeing how my hubby said,"There will be hardly anyone in town and they certainly will not ask why you have no shoes on. They will just think you are crazy and call children's services because your kids have no shoes on.") and go walk in town and get back in time.Two things: 1. He needs his Vita Meeta Vegimen and to join the happy peppy people and  2.I truly need to not be such a procrastinator . This has got to stop once and for all!!! I just saw there was an event tool kit that I could have ordered to help in our efforts to make a difference. I am thinking next year not only will I be barefoot but I will push shopping carts around town w/ signs on my back selling salad dressing to raise money for Toms shoes. In case some of you are confused I am using some "I Love Lucy" humor. In case you do not know about "One Day Without Shoes" You can go here to their website and find out all about it.

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