Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last night we went to the B Mets game w/ Dana , Larry and Connor. These tickets were our big win for kicking butt at the Family Feud Game at the Spaghetti Spring Fling. So sorry to the other team!!  Mwahahaha!!! Love you guys!!!:0)  I was excited about the game but more excited about getting to hang w/ the Hillis clan!! We do not get to do that enough!! This was Connors first B Mets game so that just added to the excitement! Jonah was so excited when he saw Ballwinkle. He  wouldn't leave him and the Bee alone. On the way home ,he asked if they could come to his B-day Party. Too funny!! It beat the conversation on the way to the game. The kids were asking about all the times their Dad broke up w/ me and old boyfriends etc.  I really only had one other serious boyfriend  but boy does Guy David paint a different picture. LOL He tells them that if I didn't keep getting other boyfriends and would have just waited for him , he wouldn't have had to keep getting me back and then dumping me.Let's just say that as they get older the conversations certainly do change and I had to ask them to stop talking about it. I think I am still a little bitter. LOL
While Dana and Larry went and got their dinner, Connor did some air guitar for me.It was one of the highlights of my night. He is a kid after my own heart!! We had awesome seats by the way. Keith was in his glory and ready for fowl balls.
Nothing like a dog at the ballgame!!! And a cute little boys face!
Oh say can you see......... Love it!!! Connor had his hand on his chest and Jonah had his on his belly.
Wish I got more of Connor in this shot because I love it!! They really had fun together.
I just asked Livy what they call this and in her most 12 going on 13 way  she said " Kids running across the field." At every game the kids get to run across the field. I think they call it the "Kids Run" but not sure. It always makes me nervous. As you can see Livy is holding Jonah's hand. It is usually not good if we let go of that hand of his. That Jonah, exhausted me last night. There is not enough coffee for this day!!! Let's see........ while the game was in play ,he threw a ball over the fence.. and then after his buddy Connor left he was all about the Bee and Ballwinkle....... he pulled the Bees Wing and after that the bee decided to rough him up a bit  ( all in fun of course...well, hopefully the Bee was having fun) and Jonah at that point said " Hey that really hurts,all I really wanted was a hug."...... he pinched  Ballwinkles nose..... one of the players from the Flying Squirrels gave him a ball and he decided he really wanted that player to sign it. He kept yelling at number 21 ,asking him to sign his ball....... He finally got his wish and Livy asked him if he was excited and he said." Yes, this ball is like a son to me." Where in the world does this kid come up with this stuff??????....... On the way out he asked the Bee if he would give his Mom a hug. Great ,what was I suppose to do???? And then ,as we walked out, he was all nervous and was trying to hide the ball because he didn't want the Bee to see that a team member from the other team signed it. ........ Then the kid fell asleep on the way home........in the Price Chopper parking lot which is about 5 miles from home.I had to run in to get milk. So , I say.... " Take me out to the Spa aaa Take me out to the Spaa aa, buy me a massage and pedicure , I don't care if I ever get back!!!!!!!  LOL

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny :-) You just made my boring day better.I was filling out forms all morning so I can have health insurance:-( I just love your kiddos especially that Jonah. Heaven help us when he is a teen. Hope you get some rest.
Love, Barb