Friday, April 30, 2010

The Beauty of Spring and of a Son Who Loves His Mama

Keith has been letting me know for days that I should get out there and take pictures of the apple blossoms. Each day with a gentle reminder," You won't want to miss it , Mom." It has made me feel so loved. He knows how much I love to take pictures. He also knows that last year I missed them and was very sad.  This has warmed my heart in such a special way!! So last night I went out and captured this beauty with such joy in my heart. Keith was at Stockade Club or I would have bribed him to be in the pictures.
So instead , it was date night with Sawyer. He went and stole a stick form the neighbors. He is a klepto. So glad it wasn't a shoe. LOL In between shots I would throw the stick as far as I could.
The daffodils posed wonderfully for me.
These are my favorites. I had such a wonderful time feeling loved every click of the way!!! What a blessing Keith is to me.
I am off to do it again and this time Keith is at Baseball practice.****sigh**** It is amazing what this beautiful day has done for those blossoms.

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Valley Girl said...

AWESOME shots!!
Glad you enjoyed time with Keith!