Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sew Much Fun!!

Livy and I have been wanting to take a day to sew for so long. I finally picked a day and said, " Anything that does not get done before noon can wait and the rest of the day we will sew." A couple of days before we headed to Tunkhannock . I have been seeking out donations for the Spaghetti Dinner we are having to raise money for my mission trip to Africa in July. What a great excuse to go to the quilt shop down there. No donation as of yet but boy did we have fun and the owner was so helpful!! We found the cutest pattern for aprons and we decided that we would make those to put in a basket for the silent auction. We were able to find awesome fabric in the clearence section.  A few days later we called Grandma to see if Olivia could borrow a sewing machine for the day. Grandma gave Olivia this sewing machine. We were both sooo excited!!! So to work we went getting the feel for the machine.
It wasn't long and Livy had to meet Mr. Seem Ripper. I assured her it would not be the first time. LOL  I have spent plenty of time w/ him and still do.
Poor girl!! The thread kept getting all bound up. We persevered and worked through. I so remembered my struggles in the beginning and how frustarted I would get.I still struggle but I just don't get as frustrated.LOL But, oh how I love to sew!!

 We did have so much fun  and by the end of the night we had ourselves an apron. WOOO HOOOO!!

Are you ready????

It is very cute!!!

It could be yours!!


Valley Girl said...

Oh I love it!!

vlc428 said...

love the apron!! :-) And I also love how I can now comment on people's blogs since I have my own. This could be very good or very bad! haha!

Becky said...

That is the prettiest apron I've ever seen! Great job girls! See you at the Spaghetti dinner. Becky