Friday, April 23, 2010

A Long but Blessed Day

This was a very crazy day but in the end I felt so  blessed !!  It started with a denist appt. for Jonah and then it was to Applebees for our Dining to Donate Fundraiser. I will be sharing more about that on the blog I had created just for the purpose of sharing about my journey to Africa. I thought it needed it's own special spot. :0) After lunch we met up w/ my friend ,Val and went to the park.  It was so nice to get to spend time with her and Madigan though it was ever so short. We take what we can get. Keith spent his time hiding from the camera. So if you ever wonder if I have forgotten about my son Keith....think again . He is a stinker. I have to usually threaten a grounding or something to get his picture. Hey, he is being unkind to his Mama;keeping her from doing what she loves!!! He should be grounded. LOL
Jonah decides to help me!!! Mwahaha we had him corrnered!!
And of course , Maddie and Jonah got to play. They make me laugh. What a hoot to watch them. I just love her to pieces!! And so does Jonah.:0) 
Jonah just got hurt and Madigan ran to the rescue! She is amazing!! Not only will she be able to keep him in line but she will take care of him as well. Oh, the blessing of a good friend!!!
Mwahahaha I got him!!! And boy does he look adorable. I love this shot!! He looks so little!!

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Valley Girl said...

Ahhhh I love it!!!
Going to your new blog now!!