Friday, April 23, 2010

Date Night with Jonah

Livy was at a birthday party , Keith and daddy were at baseball practice.....what to do ,what to do?? I decided that it was a perfect night to get some one on one time with Jonah. My good friend, Lara shared that there was a puppet show that the Library was putting on. So, off we went to meet  up w/ our fun friends and meet Steve Abrams and his wonderful friends. We had so much fun as they shared the Aesop Fables with us!!
This one below is blurry but I love it anyway! ;0) It shows how much fun the kids were having.
Wish I could remeber this guys name. Jonah loved him!
Steve was teaching the kids how to make puppets and how they work. My friend Lara decides to give it a try. LOL She makes me laugh!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot!!! Hee hehee I bet she will be thrilled it is on my blog!
Jonah neede to hug this guy before we left. :0)  I had a blast w/ my little guy!!
All night I was calling this a date  and Jonah would growl at me and say," It is not a date!!" Then we got home and I told his daddyy we went on a date. His daddy said, " WHAT ?? What were you doing taking my wife out on a date?" Well, then Jonah liked that I called it a date and kept reminding his daddy that we went out on a date. Oh how he would laugh as daddy would get after him. This  one has made me so tired this week and I must confess frustrated but oh how I love him to pieces!!!!


Valley Girl said...

How sweet! That looked like it was a blast...Madigan would have loved that!! I think I am going to build her a puppet stage....I am freak about them!!

jjely said...

Me too , VAl!! That is the next thing I want to sew!! If I would have known about it earlier I would have let you know. My friend Lara really keeps up w/ all that goes on. The Library has so much to offer. I am going to try to keep up better!!!