Monday, June 7, 2010

The Three Elephants & The Empress's New Hair

Jonah has been taking Drama class for the past 8 weeks. Friday Night we got to go and enjoy the play. It was so cute and well done by his teacher Lenay. (I hope I spelled that right.) All of the kids did such a great job!! I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed this experience. This was right up Jonah's alley and Lenay was so patient w/ him. She even let him do some improv. LOL Once I figure out how to get a video on here I will share.


Valley Girl said...

I am sorry I have been so busy I missed this.... :-(

Look at Mr Jonah in his tie....I could just pinch those cheeks, though I won't. I'll let Madigan do that!

Is he doing another one over the summer?

Would love to catch the enxt one with you!

thanks for that was perfect!!


jjely said...

You are a silly one!! No need to be sorry! I will let you know if they do this again. It was alot of fun for Jonah!