Friday, March 26, 2010


Guy David came home yesterday  and let me know we were going out to dinner. We recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary at his job. I am so proud of what a dedicated and hard worker he is. I truly love and appreciate all that he does for this family. We are blessed.  We are so grateful  for his job. His bosses rewarded him w/ a special coat and a gift card to The Texas Road House. Well, my man was hungry for some steak yesterday. And well, I  had 80 million trillion things I was going to do last night. Too funny... Yesterday after reading  a blog I follow , I was wishing we had a little more spontaneity in our lives and said a little prayer. I have always thought God had a sense of humor. So I laughed to myself and fought any sort of thought of just wanting to stay home. Because really I have got to get these basket stuffers done. I have already bought all of the stuff and really need to get them sold.I am selling them to raise money for my mission trip to Africa. I surrendered all and headed out w/ my little family to celebrate.
Poor Jonah was so tired and fell asleep on the way up there. This is exactly how I felt but I am so glad we went . We had a great time!! I have to share some of the fun quickly this morning. We stopped at Dicks and after we left and headed to The Texas RoadHouse we saw  a friend of ours but she did not see us.

We thought it would be fun to follow her and since I had my camera we decided to pretend to be paparazzi. Mahahaha!!  We were hoping to get a a chance to actually drive up along side of her and shoot away. Too funny.. there I was w/ my window open and my head out of the window w/ my camera infront of my click click!!! LOLOL

This is right after she realized it was me. I love you my friend!!! Then we had a nice visit hanging out of our windows on the highway This was the most fun I have had in awhile. Is that wrong??? LOLOLOLOL.


Valley Girl said...

Ugh My Jen!! You know how I said I was here this morning at your site, while we were on the phone...
I would read it in a bit???
I had to fold laundry first...I realized I didn't have the volume on and well I know you have music....I have never listened to all of it....just the first few songs while I read.
So, I turned on the volume and folded and folded and folded. Then Amy Grants voice came on.....I lost it! My whole week, year...years just flooded over me....I still haven't gained my composure....ugh why does life have to be so hard? I am blessed and so greatful that he has allowed us to raise this beautiful girl....but why does she have to suffer?
Through my tears I folded and then sat down to read your blog....I am now laughing (and crying) You are too funny!
And for Jen's readers who don't live around here...LOL
is a sporting goods store!!
You are good for my soul....
Adoring you,

Valley Girl said...

See can't even hear straight....yes Natalie (?)...

Thank you for being my friend!!