Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh My!!!

Schooling, laundry and appointments. Oh My!!!  Trips to the ER, stomach bug and fundraisers Oh My!! Africa, shots and am I really doing this Oh My!!!! OOps I forgot to pay that,when is that appointment again and where am I .. OH MY!!!!!! I know , I know No different than most. We,  moms wear many hats and are pulled in many directions but I ,my friends, am a wimp and can really only wear one hat at a time and wear it well. Speaking of .. I really wish I could wear hats well. I envy all of you hat girls out there who can!!!! I sooooo want to be a hat girl!!!  I just cannot seem to pull it off.

 So Anyhoo... I haven't been here in awhile  and feel that I have let my blogland friends down. I promise that exercising is still a big priority but I must confess I have missed a couple more. **Sigh** I did do a 5k last Sat. though. Woo Hooo!!!!  When I got home the kids asked " So where did you place?"  I said," No,no you do not ask me where I placed but you ask did you finish the race."  Then I said," And when I say yes you cheer very loudly!!!!"  It was a rough race for me. I really struggle w/ my breathing when I am outside.  No problem when I am on the treadmilll but outside , I am a train wreck. I got this big flem ball ( sorry) in the back of my throat and then when i finally got to a water station , they were all out. Ok ,so that paints a picture of how I must have finished. LOL Once I was done w/ the race I must have hacked and coughed for a half hour or more. Geez!! Oh but my feet were cozy in their new sneaks and running socks. Yeah baby!! LOL

So I am back and need your accountability even more than before ... I have decided to go off of sugar and I am sure it is not going to be pretty. I know my biggest struggle is white flour carbs and sugar. I have know what I have needed to do diet wise but just have not been ready or willing. But I have seen the difference and I really should live like I am allergic to the stuff because it wrecks havoc to my body. So here goes!!!!

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Valley Girl said...

EEcKk shots!!
You are our Joyful Journey!!
Miss you