Monday, March 8, 2010

Days???? & Sierra

I must confess
 that the last 3 days I have not done much excercising. I still do have that awful feeling of letting you down my blogland friends. But I have been busy !! Good things are happening and I am tired. I haven't forgotten though. And though excercising every day for 365 days  ( unless you count cleaning ) is not happening I feel accountable and am on my way to the treadmill. I will get back you later. I will have to figure out what day I am on. :0\  Look at that Punkin Pie!!! this baby is something that has my attention. I have been playing around with Photoshop and was able to make this whole background black. I did  not do it right  though I do not think. I think I actually did on the text setting. LOL Hey, right now, WHATEVER WORKS!! I,just got a new cleaning job...... New lens here I come!!!

I blame my lack of excercise all on this sweet face!! LOL You certainly cannot blame me can you ??? Or hold it against me, right????   I could post some more pics of my darling 3 if you like too. It is there fault as well. :0) Heading to the library after the treadmill to finish up WRITING ASSIGNMENTS.

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