Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!!

 This is Baby Sierra, my friend Krissy's baby. I had the BEST morning  because I got to snuggle her and photogaph her!! Oh Krissy thanks for putting up w/inexperienced me and blessing me so!!!! My eyes are teary as I edit these as I think about her and you!! You are such a wonderful mommy and she is oh so precious!
I LOVE this one of Mama and baby!!!!!

I wish I would have noticed her little arem dangling here because I really like this.
She was so content in her mamas arms!!
 Thanks so much Krissy!!! I had the best time snugglin' her up!! Congratulations!!


Valley Girl said...

YOU ROCK!!! I bet she was the greatest mommy ever to work with!!

Can't wait to see more!!!


Valley Girl said...

PS that baby is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

you couldn't have pick more beautiful subjects!! Wonderful photos!!

Kris' mom, Sierra's Grandma

Nikki said...

What a pretty baby :)

I emailed you re: the blog makeover. Let me know if you have any questions!