Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 36 & 37 & 38 Another One Bites the Dust

Well, this sums up my week so far. Another Angel bites the dust!!! I am so tired and honestly weary.Wishin' Calgon could really take me away!!! LOL Let's just say that the OLDEST boy was in on this tomfoolery. ( Love that word!!) Should I just give up on lovin Willow Tree and liking to decorate?????? (Maybe not so bad .... man, a close up of these angels faces may be a little creepy Oh dear!!). I have been cleaning  and really think I just need to never clean again.:0) It is a bit discouraging. There is the writing on the walls and doors, broken angels ( hey that may be a good song title.... Broken Angels). stepping on leggos...... I know , I know... one day.... I will wish for broken angels (really?????),bickering children,( really??) hurting my feet on lone leggos,( really???) writing on the walls. (really????)
Oh and then there is Shurley. She is not well liked around here!!! Mainly by Keith. Livy actually likes her. Will I ever miss my gal Shurley??????? Hmmmmm?? With all of this said, I want you to know I AM Thankful! REALLY!!!!!!! I remember a day when I Idid not think my home would ever be filled with all of this and it broke my heart.

So there was all of this and then there was...............

My Mom showed up and surprised me w/ roses!!! My house was a mess because I am cleaning. LOL And quite honestly I was about to cry. Yesterday was a crazy day!! Anyway, I made some coffe and we cleared some spots to sit and visited and smelled the roses!! What a bright spot to this very long week!!!! And now I really have to get this house cleaned before these roses die. They are so pretty!!!!

Ok so my menus ....have been about the same as they have been. I definetely need to get serious w/ that.
Day 36 ~ I took a walk as soon as I saw the broken angel. It was dark outside. Dogs were barking but I had to exit. It was a good walk.
DAY 37 ~  Took another walk
Day 38 ~ Ran 2.65 miles on treadmill
 My week is really not that bad. So I am pulling up my granny panties and moving forward! I have some friends who are really having a tough week. One had to put their longtime favorite horse,thier friend down and another is getting readty to have back surgery and others are grieving the loss of their father. They are heavy in my thoughts and prayers!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jen you just make me laugh. Thanks, I Needed that :-) I remember the days of broken precious things and I was always stepping on Lincoln Logs. I do miss it sometimes. I will bring you a bottle of super glue tonight :-) and maybe you can put those angels back together.:-)
Love Yah Barb