Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 33,34 & 35 God Loves a Cheerful Giver

It has been so busy the last couple of days and have not been able to get on here. I have a really hard time just doing a quick post. I find the ones where I just post my menus and excercise quite boring!! I am sure you do too. So I was waiting for some time where I could post more than that. It never came and even now I feel so many other things calling me. This is actually where I want to  be.  My ideal day would be nothing but blogging and reading. I love it when others share their thoughts and stories. I feel like my thoughts these days are all over the place in 100 million different directions. This weekend we went to a viewing and a funeral for a wonderful man. Our friends  lost a very precious part of their lives.  So I have been filled w/ sadness for my friends and then  deep thoughts after a very beautiful service and actually even before then. I did not spend a whole lot of time w/ Charlie  but those short brief times that I had were sweet. There was something about that man! So kind, generous and giving. Always w/ a smile on his face.And could my friend Taegan have a better friend.... her Poppy?

This is a picture of Charlies hands holding little T soon after she was born. She is a miracle and he was her protector. I will never forget seing this big tall man holding this little baby w/ such love in his eyes!!!!!

Taegan put together a poster for the services. It was titled " My Poppy" or was it " This is my Poppy". It was filled w/ pics of her and her Poppy. One was of her and her Poppy in a photo booth making faces and laughing. One was her Poppy going down the hill on a sled. My very favorite one was of Taegan and Charlie making snow angels in the snow. I am tearing up even now. The things people had shared about this man were.... He was a cheerful giver...... He always had a smile and encouraging words..........He enjoyed life........ He liked to have fun. Taegan and Poppy were partners in crime: The Lone Pranksters........ He was a great friend.....etc.etc. Some described him of being an example of Jesus. Those are some big shoes to fill but that is Gods plan for us...to to know Christ to grow and become more like Christ. I know at funerals we always share all of those wonderful things about the people we are missing. Praise God!!! I want people to remember all of the good things about me when I am gone and not the bad. What I knew of this man was based on short brief encounters and I must say all of the stories that I heard were no glamorized stories. I knew it to be true. I left taking a good look at myself and wondering "What will my legacy be??? "  I am a cheerful giver in alot of ways but in some not so much. I was convicted about the fact that sure I am planning to go on a missions trip to Africa to minister to orphans and am filled w/ excitement and joy about this but the other day when Jonah wanted me to get him a drink, I was put out or that when my husband needed me to help him because he was stuck in the snow I was frustrated because I was busy.  ** Sigh** Then there is the whole story of our windshield and the Roses mailbox. I did not do a very good job giving grace to my husband. Then there are some bigger areas that I struggle but will not reveal that yuck to you. You may not want to be my friend anymore. LOL I love my friends!! I am thinking of a song I sing w/ my kids " God loves a Cheerful Giver Hahaha" Let's just say I have some work to do! I am so grateful that because of Jesus I am a virtuous woman!!!!! Because " On my own I am so clumsy but on His shoulders I can see I am free to be me." LOVE this song!!!!

Here is my family. Aren't they gorgeous!! My husband was asked to be a pall bearer ( sp?) along with other friends from Golis. He felt very honored and wore a tie with no complaints! Look at those boys in those suits!! These are not the greatest shots but they were all in a hurry to get out of their duds so they didn't give me much time to pickthe best place  or take more shots. lol

So ANYHOOO along w/ that on my mind  and Africa in my heart and mind and  photography and housework and school and paperwork and....  and......  OH MY!!... I haven't blogged in a couple of days.   I must be honest and say I cannot remeber menus and there were 2 days this weekend where I did not exercise. Boooo!!!! Sorry blogland!! Yesterday . I did run on my treadmill 2.65 miles and then I went and weighed in and excercised at the Bar. LOLOL That is where my Biggest Loser Club meets..downstairs. I have fun saying that.
Great news!!!!!   I lost 3 more lbs. I am now down 11. Thanks again my friends!!!! 


Mark and Wendy said...

Great thoughts, Jen...love the example you set of exercising both mind and body!

Valley Girl said...

11 pounds go girl go!!!

You make me proud in many ways!