Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 31 & 32

This was taken on one of my walks last summer/ Fall. One of my favorite things to do.. Go for a walk with my camera!!! The sun was gorgeous on this morning. And the fog made it all feel so mysterious!!
Day 31 ~ Breakfast ~ South Beach Bar & coffee
Lunch ~ Soup
Dinner ~ 1/4 of a meatball Sub

I was on the treadmill again at night. I have got to get right up and get right on there!! Today I ran 2.65 minutes. LOL I mean miles.

Day 32 ~ Breakfast ~ South Beach Bar & coffee
Lunch ~ A turkey & swiss Sandwhich on a fresh yummy roll ( could not resist)
Dinner ~ I went to a friends B-day party and had crakers and cheeses ,veggies and dip a, and pretzels I stayed away from the peanut butter bars!! :0)

I ran 30 minutes on treadmill and then someone needed me and I never got back on. Not sure how far.

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