Thursday, February 4, 2010

Journey to 40 and Sporty Day 12

 I am longing for the carefree days of Summer.Here is one of the shots I took back in the summer while I was enjoying my online photography class. I am longing for those kind of days.  Though, I am excited about the snow we just got. I need to get out there with my camera.
Well, on day 12 I made sure and got on that treadmill in the morning . I wasn't up for a late date at 9 something pm w/ the treadmill again. I ran my WL program again for 50 minutes and got in 2.65 miles. I am ready to up the level but I tried last week and I was feeling it in my shins. Last year, I got shin splints so bad that I would be close to tears just walking to another room. I sooo do not want that to happen again. It is a given that I need new running shoes and that would be a # 1 cause for shin splints. So, I plan to wait to take it up a level until I make a visit to the Running Center.I am hoping that will be very soon!!!
Menu for day 12:
Breakfast: We ran out of eggs so I had left over grilled chicken and gaarlic w/ 2 slices ( thin) of red. fat block cheese on a 1/2 of a sandwhich thin
Lunch: Popcorn and some peanuts I wasn't too hungry because I ate a late breakfast
Dinner: Chicken Fajitas and sweet potatoe chips ( I baked slices of sweet potatoes w/ sprinkle of cinnamon on them) Yummy Yummy dinner!!!!

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