Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Journey to 40 and Sporty Day 11

I will never forget this day when I took this shot . My dh and I were on our way for a big date. We were going Christmas shopping so it wasn't some romantic getaway but any time we are out w/ out the chillins is a big deal and we call it a date. As soon as we reached our little town the sky was filled w/ such a vibrant red and orange. We thought there was a fire. So we investigated and realized that it was the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen. Why at that moment  did I not get my camera out??? , I have no idea and it will be something I regret forever. But as we traveled out of town and enjoyed this sight , I remembered that I had my camera. My hubby pulled over  and tromped down a bank through bushes and prickers w/ me so I could get the very best shot I could at that spot. This shot  by no means gives it justice!!
I picked this shot for today because long after the sun went down last night, I got on my treadmill and ran 2.65 miles. I finished after 10 o'clock. Who is that girl?????? I have no clue!!! But , I really think I like her! I did not excercise yesterday morning because I was  doing other things . I decided I would do it later. Well, later never happened and around 8:45 I realized that I did not excercise. Boy ,the temptation was there to just forget about it. I just couldn't. I sat on the couch w/ my sneakers in my hands for 15 minutes and finally after about 10 min. , I started to pray!! Then, it happened, I did it!! I thought, ok I will just walk for 30 minutes and then I told myself " If you are going to get on that blasted thing at 9 o'clock at night you better make it count." So, I set it for my WL program for 50 minutes and ran w/ walk break intervals. When I got done I felt like that sunset and worshipped!!
Yesterdays menu was this:
Breakfast ~  It was a busy morning so I had coffee and a couple of peanut butter spoons
Lunch ~ Whole wheat spaghetti w/ about 1/4 C of sauce and 1/2 C grilled chicken and sauted garlic
Dinner ~ Southwest Salad w/ grilled chicken
I seem to be doing better w/ limiting carbs but I definetely need to add more veggies and really want to keep points. I am finding that I am not that hungry. That is great but could be bad too  if I do not eat enough to keep my metabolism going. So the points would help w/ that.

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Valley Girl said...

Go Baby! Go Baby!

You make me...hmmmm
wanna get up and move.

I didn't get on my machine yet but I am the moment the bus comes...getting on my work clothes now...wish me luck....

I don't want to pull anything....
the house would fall down if I am not able to hold it know!!

Valley of the Buttercups!!