Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 29 Up and At Em'

This is a picture ( not mine though I do have some lovely ones just not gonna dig em out) of the sunrise over Myrtle Beach. **Sigh** We went there a couple of years ago and it was the absolute best vacation I have ever had. Though I am so excited about this foot of snow we could possibly get, I am longing so much to be here w/ my feet in the sand and to feel the sun on my face.
Today I did what I really need to do everyday .. I got up and got right on the treadmill w/ my water bottle. Coffee had to wait. It felt awesome to have gotten it done and out of the way. I ran 2.65 miles.
 My menu for Day 29 Breakfast ~ a couple of handfuls of cereal and a peanut butter spoon at Bible Study I had a mini corn muffin w/ sugar free jam
Lunch~  Soup and a handful of chips
Dinner ~ A barbecue Snack Wrap on our way to the CASTING CROWNS concert. it was my older childrens first concert. They were so excited!!

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