Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 27 & 28 What Have I Done????

Right now it is 9:53 PM and I am getting on the stupid treadmill.I am asking myself" What in the World have I done making myself accountable to all of you??? Well I do not know about "all" but you my few lovely blogland friends!!..............................Well I did it!! Everything in me was screaming, "No, don't do it . Go and relax and veg in front of the TV." But for some reason I just can't let you all down. LOL So I walked for 30 minutes. I am so tired and wish I could snap my fingers and I would be on a beach somewhere w/ a yummy fruity drink and a good book!!
I hear that beautiful water calling my name!!

Ok , so I actually started this on Day 27 .....so on this day I walked for 30 minutes. My menu was this:
Breakfast ~  Mini multi grain bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese & coffee
Lunch ~ nothing
Dinner ~ Went out w/ my  friend Dana for Mexican Night. I had a Chicken Chimichanga q/ refried beans,guacamole ,sour cream and chips and salsa. It was sooooo yummmy and so nice to spend time w/ longtime sister /friend!!!
Day 28 Breakfast ~ mini bagel w/ straw .cream cheese & coffee
Lunch  & Dinner ~ was out and about so it looked like this....some nuts, a Lars bar. After a very stressful Dr. appt. w/ the boys we celebrated their bravery by getting frosties  at Wendys oh and some fries. :0\ Ok I need to buck up but in my defense, the doctor gave us coupons for free Frosties and I felt like I should really buy something. I got home and after a loooooonnnnngggg day I still got on that stupid treadmill and ran 2.65 miles. It felt good to sweat but  I fought giving up many times. It would have been an easier run if the Tv had something like I Love Lucy  on instead of political crap. SORRY but I can only  take so much!! Whether I agree w/ what is being said or not is beside the point.  If I am going to be in front of the TV I WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED gosh darnit!! My favorite thing to watch while I am on that stupid thing ( sorry I keep saying stupid) is the Biggest Loser. There is no way I can give up when that is on. Tootles.. off to see the Casting Crowns in concert. Mykids are toooo excited. It will be a long ride. :0\

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