Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 25 & 26 I HATE BLISTERS!!!!!!

No , these are not my feet!! Thank God!!! Man I am a wuss...... they don't look like these but feel like them!! I have one blister on my left heel that is killing me!! I have been trying to persevere and run on the treadmill like usual  but I am not as zealous and a bit wimpy. These new running shoes have not been kind to me. So I will be taking a trip to the Running Center again soon. How cool is this...... You have 60 days  to return them. So I will go and get a proper fitting . and get this.. My friend Marty told me that there is such a thing as Blister free socks. I am so excited. She also shared that putting Vicks  Vapor Rub on your feet helps as well!! So soon hopefully my piggies will feel and look like these...................
Sigh... I love this shot!! I took this of my friends little punkin pie. Look at those little pigs!!!!! Wish i had some of those!!! :0)
Ok so today, Day 26  I ran 2.65 miles in my old sneaks. Yesterday Day 25...a sick day. why didn't I add them into the committment???? Rotten headache in the morning and then preparing for company in afternoon and actually forgot to excercise. By the time everyone was in bed I was too pooped. I was actually falling asleep on the couch when I remembered. I feel like I have let you down blogland!!! and I am gooing to be honest and say I am too tired to remember the menu for the past 2 days. I do remember dinner tonight  though. mmmmmmmmm!!!! I made grilled steak and shrimp, baked potatoe and green beans. Special dinner for my Dad!! I did not have any of the Apple Pie and Ice cream and actually had no cookies. ( just a bite of one). Good night !!! It is soooooo past my bedtime!!!!!!

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