Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 20 My Sweet Tooth is Acting Up!!!!!

 I am dragging .Tired !! It is during that time when I crave sweets. Definetely a dangerous time to bake but that is what I want to do. Day 20 went like this:
Breakfast ~ South Beach bar coffee and snuck some cookie batter out of the fridge. Just keeping it real! And I have been challenged by Beth Moore not to lie for a whole week. After that I can lie all I want . LOLOL Just kidding!!!!
Lunch ~ Progresso Light soup ( Santa Fe Chicken is my fav!!)  and tortilla chips and snuck some more batter. BLAH!!! Something sweet and salty!
Dinner ~ Was invited out to dinner by some wonderful friends. :0) We went to Applebees and I had some sort of a chicken Mexican Salad. I ate half and brought the rest home. I also had a Dessert shooter.mmmmmm Strawberry Cheesecake. That is a yummy little shotglass of a taste of dessert. What a great idea!! For only 2 bucks!!!

Well, I am itching to up the level on my treadmill  but I still haven't gotten to the Running Store to get me some new running shoes yet. So, what I decided to do was to stay on the treadmill longer.I did the WL program on Level 2 for 60 minutes. I ran 3.25 miles. I am in awe when I think of the difference from that first day of running and now. Woo Hooo!! It does get easier and more enjoyable. Oh , Oh , Oh  I did not mention that I must have burned so many calories laughing this evening!!! It was a much needed retreat and the laughter was so good for my soul!! Thank you !! It was a very long day in this house!!!

Day 20 leaves me with lotts of thoughts and one is this. As I look at my Blog Archives and see Journey to 40 & Sporty over and over again ... I am getting a little tired of it. I am sorry if you are. It feels a bit vain but I hope you know that is never my intent. Such accountability I am finding in doing this and I hope that my sharing this journey can help someone  in some way. My desire is to glorify God in all that I do and I know that being overweight and out of shape  has really gotten in the way of my hearts longing to do so. Right or wrong. I know this is not Gods best for me.. So,to work I go on rebuilding this temple. I am praying that I do not lose that focus because w/out that focused mind it will all fall apart.  Gods balance is beautiful and that is the prayer in my heart when I pray about this journey. To be fit for my King!!!

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Mark and Wendy said...

Trust me, you sharing your journey is helping me immensely! I'm not ready to blog my own stuff at this point, but knowing that you are doing this helps me hop on the Nordic Track most mornings!