Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ten things I Love About Jonah

One of my favorite ladies did this the other day and I just loved this idea!! I was actually going to do 10 of the funniest things Jonah has ever said but today I feel the need to do this. LOL

1. I love how excited he was about turning 5 in July. He reminds everyone often that he is 5.
And oh the things he can do now. I hope when I turn 40 I can find that number as magical as he finds the number 5.
2. I love it when he asks me if we can snuggle and of course the snuggling part. I definetely know what his Love Language is now. Since school started, he asks if we can snuggle so often. I miss Summer!!!
3. I LOVE his imagination!! Boy, can he make up a good story and I love it when he wants me to act it out w/ him. Lately ,he has been making up songs. I Love it when he sings his new " God Songs" to me!!
4. I love his love for people and his friendly personality. We will go places and people will say " Hi Jonah!" ( It is usually older kids) And I will have no idea who they are. lol
5. I love his kung foo moves. Watch out if you see him he may karate chop you. We have to have a talk about that often. Not everyone likes to be chopped.
6. I love it when he break dances. I will never forget the show he put on at my cousin Jessicas wedding. Picture Jonah busting a move w/ a circle of ladies around him saying.. " Go Jonah, Go Jonah!" I have no idea where he learned his moves BTW.
7. I love that he has so much fun with his stuffed animals. He has them all named and likes to take a backpack full of them wherever we go.
8. I love his zest for life and how he makes me laugh!!
9. I love his tender heart.
10. I love how he uses big words and wish I could take credit for teaching them to him. I have figured out that it is probably from Adventures in Odysee. he likes to listen to that before bed. He was reciting one of the stories to me the other day. He sometimes will use part of what he hears there in the conversations he has w/ us.We laugh so hard!!!
Well, there are much more than 10 but I will stop here. Lunch break is over!!