Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Days

We are in our third week of school. Boy am I tired and missing summer days!! My summer was wonderful and so relaxing. I miss getting up and wondering ..." What am I going to do today?" I miss the time I had to focus on my photography class. I had so much fun!! BUT...... I have to say " A new school year brings a whole lott of new beginnings and excitement."

This is Jonah on his very first day of Kindergarten. This is the beautiful artwork I saw as I walked by the school room that day at a time of feeling overwhelmed and tired. I got tears in my eyes,a warming of the heart and a change in my outlook. It made it all worth it! He loves school and can't wait to start each day. He tells everyone that he is doing " Sing Spell Read and Write."More on Schools Days coming soon. I felt the need to post this today..... Jonah was hanging on the cupboard door in the bathroom ( He is told over and over again not to do this) and the door and part of the cupboard came right off. " We can't have anything nice!!" Come on, I know you have said this before or your mother has. :) Well, I have a nice little boy that's for sure!!!!

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