Monday, June 29, 2009

Take a walk with me

I deided to take my camera with me on my morning walk. It was so much fun! I need to get out and enjoy my surroundings more! Being out in the fresh air and enjoying Gods creation really fills me up. So , I thought I would share the joy I found on this journey! " Isn't the Daisy the friendliest flower?"
This is what the sky looked like on my way up the hill and it was sprinkling as well.
This is Bella. Isn't she cute? She is my neighbors dog. She decided that she wanted to join me on my walk. I quite enjoyed her company!!
These are from my friend Mary's beautiful flower gardens. I was so inspired as I walked by their home. They have done a beautiful job w/ the landscaping.
As I was walking, I heard what I think is the most beautiful ,peaceful sound...... a trickling stream,running creek etc. So I decided to do some exploring and I found this beautiful spot back into the woods. This is now my favorite spot. I think I will go there to pray in the mornings before I go back and start my day. " A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel" ~ unknown I always have a better day when I start it out in prayer!!
This was what the sky looked like on my way back down the hill! Guy David wasn't fond of this shot due to the wires but I think it is kinda cool!!
More music to my ears!! Of course I had to stop and listen!!
I love the reflection in the water in this one!! This journey of photography is good for my soul! this next pic is my neighbors garden. I LOVE it!!! he is using all sorts of things to plant in and support his plants........ tires,bed frames and some that I have no clue of what they are. So funky! Definetely adds something interesting for me to look at as I walk. lol I have made so many new friends on my morning walks. Not one has offered me a cup of coffee though!
I have tried to get a good shot of the horses in the barn so many times. They are always there when I go by. I love the contrast of the darkness of the barn and the horses in the lighted window. Can't wait to learn more!!!
I saved the best for last. This was actually w/ my Power Shot not the SLR. I have been trying to get this blurred background w/ my camera and until this shot , I had no luck. I have NO IDEA how I did this. LOLOLOLOL Hopefully you enjoyed our walk together. :) I loved sharing it!!


Rose Family Editor said...

zowee! you've come a long way, girlfriend! i'm VERY impressed and zealous to get back into some photo stuff of my own after seeing yours :) my goal (of many) is to at least make a dent into photo stuff :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures. It relaxed me just reading and looking.

coll said...

I love your blog! The pictures are wonderful.