Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Lovin'

I am lovin' Summer!! Having a break from school and being able to wake up and not have to feel the urgency of the day, to just be able to relax and just let the day happen is just so refreshing.I do feel though that I should try to take that approach to each and every day. Of course we have things we need to do but it certainly does not have to be summer to enjoy nature and savor the moment and live simply. The things I love most about Summer are the simple things. Yesterday ,Keith saved a toad from Sawyer and he was so proud.

This next shot is my favorite! It has the blurred background that I have been trying to get w/ my Canon powershot for months. I tried everything but put the camera on Manual. I am such a wimp! Well , with this other camera it came easier for me. And very soon, hopefully, I will be able to tell you the term (w/out searching my notes) for the blurred background and be confidently using my manual setting. :)To be BRAVE!!!
It was sad but we had to let Toady go. We were not sure of what to feed him etc. So today we will do a little research and go on a Toady search. If we find him, he will hang out w/ us for a couple of days. He is pretty cute!! I wonder if I kiss him if he will turn into a Prince. I would rather a maid since I already have a prince. LOL

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Valley said...

Boy I just love that toad shot!