Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 Things about Keith that I Love

Keith's Birthday was actually Oct. 4 but since we were going to be away he got to pick another day to be his birthday. So not only do I have Mommy guilt because we were cruisin on his birthday but he picked Oct.10 to be his birthday and we didn't celebrate until yesterday. Man , I am so forgetful these days. We had a reception to go to on Sat. and I totally forgot until Sat. Are there any calendars that are big enough?? I think he had a blast on his birthday weekend. Because we were away ,he got to celebrate many times as he went from one grandparents to the other and then on his birthday he went to the Cuomo's. He and Ken share the same B-day so he got to celebrate w/ them.The first thing he said about about it was " Mom, we had 2 meats,steak and chicken!!!!!!" And then he proceeded to blow the crow call in my ear that they gave him. LOL We celebrated yesterday by having Pizza and wings and playing cards. I love his birthday dinner because I don't have to cook.Woo Hooo!!!! Then of course we had Chocolate cake w/ peanut butter icing,his favorite!!! Here are some things I love about this kid...tearing up.....I love my kids and they are all so different.

1. I love his competitive spirit!!! At times it gets the best of him but when he can tame it , it makes everything more fun!!!

2. His love for baseball! Yesterday I asked him to share some of his favorite memories about when he was 9 and the top one was when he got a triple. Guy Davids was a moment on the field when Keith did not give up...all about character. Mine was when we had a family soccer game and I kicked his butt. LOLOL More mommy guilt....not really! He wants next years favorite memory to be when he gets his home run!!

3.This kid is so quiet. it is so hard to know what he is thinking or feeling ( Unless he is dealing w/ his know) but boy when I can get him to open up we have the best conversations and he has such a tender heart and a great care for others.

4. I love to listen in when he prays w/ Daddy at night. Beautiful!!!! For some reason when I am praying w/ him it is not the same but that's ok!! :)

5.He loves his Bible. I will never forget when he got his Bible in church. He was so excited. Pastor Hearn wrote a note to him in front and he would read that over and over. I will never forget when his little brother ripped the cover off of his Bible. He was so sad ! We were able to get him a new one and Pastor Hearn wrote him another note.

6.He loves to be silly!!! Once he gets going it is hard to get him to stop. This can be a struggle at times especially during school hours because I like to be silly too. So, I have to be so careful because it is hard to reign him in. Though frustrating at times, I really really love this about him.

7. I love his hair. LOL Look at it in this shot. I have pics of him from the time he was little looking the same way. They melt my heart. This kid has wild hair. Some cowlicks in weird places and a swirly thing on top. Aww he is so cute!! We finally started using the clippers.

8. Boy does he like sweets. I will never forget the time I found wrappers behind his dresser. Now I do not like the sneaky part and we've worked on that . But crack me up.....he is skin and bones and would live on junk food if we let him.

9. He loves to read!!!! I remember when I was teaching him to read and I worried a little. I will never forget our excitement when he read his first little reader. And now I catch him still reading at 11:00 pm. His favorite is the Hardy Boys series. :)

10. I love that when he is excited about something he is relentless!! LOL It sure helps me to remember things. 11.I love to see him in action being the big brother! He can be so gentle and helpful and Jonah just adores him!! But remember they are also normal brothers who share a room.LOL

I love you Keith !!! I am glad you had such a great birthday. Thanks for being so understanding. I missed you on the real day and thought of you all day. You are a blessing to me and to your whole family!!!! Looking forward to that home run!!! Will you look out and say I love you Mom like you did in t-ball???????


Valley Girl said...

I love it JJ. The pictures are great....did you see mine on my blog? They are so ORANGE!! Hmmmm another day!
Stop feeling bad about being away....he'll remember all the parties before he remembers why he had all those parties!!

You're the greatest mom I know!!


Rose Family Editor said...

Ahh, Jen, I get teary reading about your kids and how much you love them. They are growing so quickly. One day they'll be blogging about what a great mom they had training them up in the admonition of the Lord. Your investment is an eternal one and I love how you inspire me to be a better mom. Love ya!