Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Saturday... Now What????

Do you remember when this is all you had to do on a Saturday morning??? I have been looking forward to this day all week. And now I feel lost in my thoughts. So many things I long to do and there certainly is not enough time in a Saturday to do them.** Sigh** Wishing that all I wanted to do was spend my day with the Flinstones, The Grape Ape, The Jetsons and Scooby.Boy could I have fun and keep going on w/ this list. But I will force myself to stop. These are the kind of things I do when I am overwhelmed. LOL So here is the other list of all I want to do in a day.

~ At the top of my list is to see Baby Hayden and his family. Really hoping that that can work.:) I am so sad I have not seen him yet and am longing to hold him in my arms and decide who he looks like. Don't you love it when family memebers do that?? lol

~ Go to the apple farm to pick apple

~ farm days

~ Do some real heavy duty cleaning. I had small group last night. ( BTW I LOVE the Truth Project) I had a plan... all week I would do a little here and a little there and by Friday I would be ready. I would not stuff things in boxes, laundry baskets and shut the door. Nope ,the doors would be open and my house would really look like it was straight out of a Country Living magazine. Ok, I cannot believe I am going to do this but here goes...........

Let's just say there were not many doors open.AWWW! This is what I call the craft room. Ha..try to be creative in there. Notice that I did not open the door all the way.

~ And boy oh boy am I ictchin' to quilt. Last year I had this great idea of a ragged edge denim quilt to hang in a closet door in the school room. It would have lotts of pockets that would help w/ my card and school bucks system. ( Ideas to help motivate kids w/ school work and chores etc.) Brother!! No quilt w/ pockets .. no motivation. My poor kids are longing for that school buck day to fully happen.

~ Oh and how I would LOVE to just go on a shooting spree and work on my photography classes.

~ Did I mention a hayride. ;) Oh how I wish I there was more time in a day especially a weekend day.

~ Oh yeah, I have lesson planning to do.

I was talking to a friend the other day and yes I think I have adult ADD.LOL I laugh but deep down wonder if I really do. I am always asking the Lord for organizational skills and a focused mind.And, I will get done here and wonder if I was just too "real." My husband says I think too much. I hear it is a family curse.

SO my home did not look like it came out of a magazine and doors were bolted And to top it off... ok not a nice and fun thing to talk about but some of you know what I am talking about...... I think there is a dead animal in the wall or something. The odor came the night before last. I had candles burning at every end of the house and was praying that no one had asthma. Well, it was a wonderful night of studying Gods word w/ a great group of people and that's really all that matters.:) And hopefully this rambling will get me going this morning. Have a great Fall (or should I say winter ) day!!!

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Valerie said...

Hey JJ,
Love the cozy quilt the babes are curled up in!
Everyone has a room like that....if they tell ya they don't....their lion'(roar)!!
Missed our morning chat. Hope you had a productive day...laundry laundry laundry here and getting Q1 caught up on school. I wonder if Amy has any words of wisdom for me on charter?....Hmmmmm