Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's About the Little Things

Every time I look at these flowers today, I tear up!!! On Valentines Day,I had a conversation with my husband that I really did not want him to waste money on flowers for me. I love flowers but since they do not last long , I would rather that he just surprise me every now and then and pick some for me on his way home from work. We have been working hard at getting our Dave Ramsey on so flowers are not in the budget. With that said,many, many loooooong ,cold,snow covered days have passed since then. As I went to the store with my budgeted money for groceries in my lovely envelope system one day last week, the flowers looked extra beautiful and I was so longing for Spring. I cannot tell you how many times a bouquet of flowers went in and out of my cart. I checked out with no flowers in my cart and thought about them all week. Sat. morning as we sat at the table with our bills and envelopes, I carefully mentioned that it would really be a good day for flowers. " I know what I said before but I could use some flowers to brighten up this house. Since you are going to Sams maybe, since you can get such a great deal and I know they have those daises I love???" We finished up and there was really no way that could make the list. So I went about my to do list and headed to the store to get groceries. Soon after I got there , I ran into a dear friend. She was buying some flowers. I let her know how nice they were. Before I knew it, she went and picked out another bouquet. She gave it to me to give to one of my daughters friends who was here staying  for Spring Break for her birthday. But that would mean, I WOULD GET TO ENJOY THEM FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!!

Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus!!!  I am so grateful that this sweet friend who is led by the Spirit. Oh Lord help me to be so filled with you that I am aware of those little things that you are leading me to do so I can be used to bless others in BIG ways!!!!

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