Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again

First , I want to thank my family and friends for all of the support you have given over the years as we have celebrated Alayna's birthday with a pie sale. We could never have done it without all of you. As November comes closer each year this pie sale looks so big!!! Stress and those overwhelmed feelings set in until God gently reminds me that this is not our pie sale but his and if I let Him ,He will take care of it. This year was no different. This year will go down first as "The Baseball Year" and second and somewhere in the back of our minds ( well, not mine..LOL) they will remember," Oh yeah ,and that was the year Mom started her photography business." On top of all that , a couple of my pie bakers are down and out. My mom broke her ankle and had to have surgery and my good friend Val had to have surgery and then had some
complications from her surgery.Please pray for healing and something to make them smile while they hang out in their homes as they recover. Thank you to the both of you for all the help you give every year. Mom is my main Pumpkin Pie Baker ( What would I do without those pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving!!!)  and Val has added a new yumminess to the mix. The first year she baked for us, she made the most yummy Buttermilk Pies... EVERYTHING from scratch.She didn't just buy lemon rind , she grated it.She didn't just buy lemon juice , she squeezed it. They were amazing !!! I am so grateful for all they do for me and certainly want to be there for them during this time  and honestly am not sure I want to even think about pies. But, I do love to think about Alayna and celebrate the day she came into my life.

When I talked to my family about the possibility of not having the sale this year,it did not go over well. It really is so much fun and when we get over ourselves....ok ,when I get over myself.... it happens. God works it out every year and grows it a little more each year. Olivia, pleaded with me to not give up and reminded me that this year the pie sale would fall right on Alayna's birthday and she also reminded me of what a great helper she is. We have so much fun celebrating Alayna's life in this way and how special that it will be on her actual birthday. Isn't it amazing when God speaks to you through your children.Not to mention that my friends usually have to kick me in the rear about this time every year. I am so grateful for all of them. We are moving forward with faith!!

We started the pie sale about 8years ago when we wanted to sponsor an orphan from the Phillip Hayden Foundation in China in memory of Alayna. I LOVE the Phillip Hayden Foundation!!!!!My friend Sarah not only opened my eyes and taught me about the orphans of the world but shared her newsletter from this foundation with me. It is a home for the unwanted children with special needs in China. I fell in love with these children. At the time we did not have the extra money to sponsor a child. I talked to my sister in law and she suggested a pie sale. She really took the reigns and got it going that year. I truly had probably only made 2 pies in my lifetime up until that point. I also had my right hand gals, Amy and Sarah. So many more joined that first year and over the years!! To all of my pie bakers , pie buyers,pie sale prayer warriors, I needed every one of you. Thank you so very much and I love you all!! 

The pie sale has always been about Orphans and Smile Train. As I learned more and more about the needs of the orphans I realized that Alayna had more love and care in her 2 little weeks of life than most of these children would ever have. My heart breaks for these children and how I long to adopt and give children who need homes and love a family of their own. Since that is not in God's plan right now,I have found ways to minister to the needs of orphans with the money from the pie sale every year.November is Orphan Awareness Month which made it even more special. My heart has not changed but I am feeling God calling me to do something different this year.

There are some children who are weighing very heavy on our hearts these days.

This is Noah and Naomi,children of Samantha Roszel & Justin Wagner.They were born on August 25th at 26 weeks. They were 14 weeks premature.They each weighed about 1lb 11oz when they were born. There have been many ups and downs for these little ones and their family. Noah now weighs 3lbs 9oz and Naomi weighs 3lbs 6 oz. They still have a long way to go  A portion of the proceeds will go to these babies and to help in some way meet the many needs they will have along the way. Please pray for these sweet babies and their family!!

This is Matthew Stahl. On Oct.29th , Matthew went to live with Jesus unexpectantly. We loved him and we love his family. We want part of the proceeds to go to the Stahl family to help them celebrate Matthews birthday on June 15th. It has been very special to us and has brought us great joy to be able to do something in Alayna's memory on her birthdays and we would like to be part of helping them do this as well.Please keep them in your prayers. The holidays are coming which makes missing your child even more painful.If you can imagine that.

The pie sale will be on Wed. Nov. 21st.Our hearts are full and we cannot think of  a better way to celebrate this year!!! More details will be coming soon.

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