Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day Sandwiches

Another snow storm  and  we had to make a choice of whether to be miserable about it or make the best of it and have some fun. So after a morning of getting some school done,we chose FUN!!!!!!!! We decided to start the festivities with Snow Day Sandwiches. I got this idea  and recipe from some friends and their Mom. She would make these for her girls on snow days. Basically it is a toasted or grilled cheese sandwich but not w/ cheese. Instead, inside you put.......

peanut butter


chocolate chips.

Mmmmmmm!! They cannot wait to dig in and had a hard time waiting for me to take their pictures.

Oh my, after seeing this, I had to try. So , I had  not even a half of a sandwich and wish I never did!!! They are soooo very yummy!!!!!!

Her excitement is always contagious!!

Jonah took a bite and said, " This sandwich is dancing on my tongue."

Then there is Keith. I am glad his eyes went back to normal. LOL

Make and try at your own risk.I hope we have fewer snow days next year because we will want these for lunch every time. I think I will now go read a chapter in "Made to Crave."


Sarah said...

Was this your first time trying these? Summer will seem so long now!

jjely said...

It was Sarah!!!! I hear there may be another storm coming in next week. :0)