Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day List

1.Do Math and English w/ the kiddos and then send them out to play
2.Call my computer guy. This is a pic from last year. My comp. is so full that I cannot do a thing on it. All of my pics are on my external hard drive. It is a mystery what is taking up so much space.
3. Snuggle in my bed w/ my Bible Study and a cup of coffee :0)
4. Go out and play for awhile w/ my camera of course.If I feel brave , I will put them in the car and drive around and take some pics.
5. Come back in and get back into my bed w/ my portable DVD and watch a good movie or if I am responsible , I will be watching Excellence in Writing. Hmmmmmm????
6. Call hubby and beg him to bring home pizza
7. Do History and Science all snuggled up in bed
8.Kick them outside again. :0)
9. In bed of course, I will write a letter to Ezra and get some pics ready to send . I am missing him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!
10. Work on my Africa blog and thank you notes
I am so excited about this day!!! Wooo HOOOOO!!!!!!


Valley Girl said...

You go girl!!

Did Liv tell you about Madigan's new brother's name?? No we don't have one on the way but if she could have one....

jjely said...

No ,Livy did not. Oh , please do tell!!!!!