Monday, September 6, 2010

Something that makes me smile :0)

I just had to take a break from organizing my school room  and preparing for our big first day of school tomorrow. I really am wishing I was spending Labor Day differently. It has just been so busy and I have not had the chunk of time to accomplish this task. I had a great summer but I did not spend the time having fun w/ my camera like I would have liked to or doing alot to get ready for this next school year but that is ok because this was my Africa Summer. :0) I took these pics soon after I returned home from Africa. It was just what I needed. It has been a hard transition coming home because I left a piece of my heart there.Taking shots of this little guy certainly was good medicine.
Mr. Caleb Paul is DEFINETELY a chicken Pot Pie and I don't know why!!!!! Some of you already know this but for those who do not, I call all of my babies Chicken Pot Pies. And ,yep, I don't know why. LOL I even made up a little song about it.This title is usually reserved for just my very own. Not just any baby can be a chicken pot pie but he has the ingredients for sure. He makes me smile and I needed one of those this afternoon !!! :0)
He makes me want another in the worst way!!!!

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