Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Julia & Julie

Over Christmas vacation, I got to watch more movies than usual. I usually find it hard to fit that in. I have to compete with the Wii, kids movies and of course sports not to mention I am ready for bed not too long after dinner is over. I long to be one of those people who can stay up late. Imagine all that I could get done and how gloriously quiet it would be!! Alot of my movie watching happened in the middle of the night these past few weeks. I was so exhausted and I think I have been fighting off a sickness that I would fall asleep as early as 6:30 some nights. Then I would wake up at 2 am wide awake and then I would enjoy my very own me time. :)One of the movies I watched was Julia and Julie.Someone said that it took the place of "You've Got Mail" for their very favorite. I cannot go that far. It was a good movie but it does not even come close. Nope, "You've Got Mail" is still number one for me. I did enjoy "Julia and Julie "though and even watched it a second time. For those who do not know about this movie, here is a little blurb from the back of the case " The true stories of how Julia Child's life and cookbook inspired fledgling writer Julie Powell to whip up 524 recipes in 365 days and introduce a new generation to the magic of French cooking." I could so relate to Julie. There is a scene where she goes out to lunch w/ some friends and there they are talking on their cell phones closing business deals etc. They all have "professional " jobs. She works for the government. I am not sure what her job tiltle is but basically she sits in a cubicle talking on the phone all day helping people deal w/ the aftermath of 9/11. Sometimes the people on the other end are not very kind and very unappreciative of what she is there to do for them. She longs to be a writer. She wrote a novel but she could not get it published. Well, I do not long to be a writer but I sure would love to blog and read all day instead of wiping the table over and over again and taking care of everyones things and doing laundry and being a referee and saying too many times " Stop jumping on the furniture and and and....!" And I don't know how many times I find myself looking around at what everyone else is doing and feel ever so small. Funny thing... As I watched Julie having lunch w/ her friends, I thought that Julie actually had the most important job compared to all of them. Interesting!!But She came home from that luncheon feeling like a failure. This part really touched me and I was sad for her and about all of the times I have felt that very same thing.Then this part made me laugh so hard... She said that she can never finish anything. Her realization..... She has ADD. LOL I have said that about myself so many times. "No wonder my house is not clean." Then she has this wonderful idea to blog her way through Julia Child's Cookbook.Which was so fun to watch and gave me a wonderful idea!!! When I started my blog, ( Ok I have to study up on commas and semi colons ..am always questioning....)there were so many journeys that I knew I wanted to be on and felt led to be on. That is how I came up with the name JJs Joyful Journey. So, here is my idea, I feel like I have been on and off a journey of losing weight and being healthier for so long. BLAH!!! I hate to even share that. I have been on a roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss for years. I have a dream to be 40 and sporty. My 39th birthday is in a couple of weeks and that will start my "My Journey to 40 and Sporty" 365 days to a healthier more active me. I will blog everyday about my efforts and am committed to excercise and keep a food journal every day. I am excited and feel ready for the challenge. I think like Julie I will feel accountable to my readers. ( though they are so few. ;) at this point) Who knows maybe I will meet some new friends. I am off to a good start so far. I just joined a Biggest Loser Club in town and I am doing one w/ friends online through Facebook. A new beginning of a new year certainly helps to inspire and encourage. I ask for your prayers as I go on this journey. I certainly need a good balance.

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Valley Girl said...

Loved the movie, agree on not a replacement for any of my favs. But enjoyed it a lot!!

Great idea on the daily blogging...and the unmentionable(weight)stuff....I am behind ya 100%