Saturday, January 2, 2010


Christmas vacation has been wonderful! I had grand plans of all that I was going to accomplish but that is not what this time off has looked like. I have really had such a fun and relaxing time with my family. It has looked more like this: Late Breakfast at 10:00 after being a Rock Star w/ the help of the Wii and Band Hero, Games and more and more games, snuggling with my man and my babies, watching movies,good food and good friends. :) And of course yesterday led to alot of reminiscing and reflecting which is always good for my soul!!Now, I do have to say that alot of times that reflecting and reminiscing leads to me focusing on all the negative which is not good for my soul. So there is a very fine line here that I do not want to cross. So, I will start out w/ this: For the past couple of months, I have thought that being a hermit sounded like a wonderful thing!! Because let's just face it... Life and realationships are very hard work and I am soooo not perfect and oh so tired.But as I have been reflecting on my many blessings, I am reminded that many of them are actually people and most or all of my blessings have people intertwined all throughout them. Ok, so there goes my idea of living like a hermit . Guess , I would be missing out on many of Gods blessings. With all of that said. you must know how very blessed I feel with all of the people God has blessed me with and that I am so grateful and cherish each and every one!! As I think of all of the things God has done for me using people to accomplish his will , I am in awe w/ teary eyes.

As I think about resolutions, this comes to mind... A friend just recently said to me ' When I wake up in the morning , I have to remember that throughout this day I will probably let someone down,offend someone or hurt someones feelings hopefully unintentionally. All I can do is be the best person God has called me to be." So very simply, I want to be the best Jen Ely I can be,letting Gods opinion be the only one that really matters. He knows my heart!! Oh and He is the only one who understands it. LOL Another thing that comes to mind is from a Christmas card I received from a friend. This is what it said : " It's a time to slow down,let go,help those who need it. Love them too...... And maybe that's the way we find our peace and joy, not by taking on the whole world at once, but just the part that fits in our hand." Oh ,how I love that!!

Happy New Year and may this new year be simple and that you just be the best that you can be. Embrace the beautiful creation God made you to be and enjoy the gifts He has given you. They were meant for you for a reason; His wonderful plan. Not a plan demanding perfection but just a willingness to follow Him and use those gifts for the part that fits in your hand!!

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Valley Girl said...


You are beautiful in more ways than you know!!

Thank you!!