Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fun at The Clayground

We went to The Clay Ground for the very first time about a month ago. We were going in to cancel the field trip that we were suppose to have there that day . Some of the kids were sick who were suppose to go. Once we stepped inside we did not want to leave. Such a creative and friendly atmosphere. I really did not have any extra money but could justify Christmas gifts. :) The girl who worked there , Alana, was so patient and helpful w/ the children. I was amazed at how gracious she was w/ Jonah, who's creative mind was just working double time.First we worked on a mug for Daddy.It will be his Christmas present. Jonah wanted to put dots and swirlies all over it. Wow it is hard to have all 3 work on one gift. LOL
He finally decides to paint the whole handle. Like I said... Alana is a saint!! And of course we love her name. But do feel a little possessive of it. We thought it would be fun for the kids to put their hand prints on the mug! :)We couldn't be done already!! I could have stayed there all day!! It was exactly what I needed on that day and a great treat after Jonahs dentist apt. I was feeling immense Mommy guilt about the cavities as well as just having a very bad day the day before. So ... we had to stay longer and while they were working on the mug, I saw a platter that someone else had done and immediately thought of my mother in law. She hosts Thanksgiving every year and some were going to be missing this year so I thought this would brighten her day!! Hand print turkey,thumbprint pumpkins and thumbprint and fingerprint turkeys. It was hard to pass up and hard to give up!! :) Thank you Clay Ground for brightening my day!!! It is a good thing you are not closer!!


Valley Girl said...

What fun! I wanna go!!

I still can't believe we were all in the same building at the same time....ugh!!

jjely said...

I know !!!! And oh what a treat it would have been to see you!!!
Well, let's go!!!!:)

Valley Girl said...

Shhhh don't tell my hubby but we made it to clay gound and made him a plate for Christmas...great idea JJ!!